Pop-Up Stores FAQs
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Pop-Up Stores FAQs

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How do I...

  • Add or Edit Users?
    To add or edit users, select Users > Manage Existing Users, then select Edit or Delete from the Action column.

  • Edit an order?
    Orders can only be edited while a PopUp is live. If a PopUp is live, system administrators can make changes to the order using the Orders Management page.

  • View/Download a Packing Slip?

  • Edit a Live Store?

  • Manage Comments?

  • Clone a Store?

  • Set up Payflow Pro?

  • Edit the Home Page?

  • View the Home Page?

  • Create a New Store?

  • Generate reports?

  • View a summary of items that were orderd?
    To get a summary of the items that were ordered, you will need to create a pivot table. For help with creating pivot tables, see How to Use a Pivot Table.

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