Setting Up PayPal Payflow Pro
  • 31 May 2022
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Setting Up PayPal Payflow Pro

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Commercio is currently integrated with payment gateway PayPal Payflow Pro, and in order to publish stores that accept payment, your organization needs an account. After your account is established, you will create an API user and add your Payflow credentials to your Account Settings. If you have created an API User for use with PopUpShops, you can skip to How to Update CompanyStore with Payflow API User Credentials.

How to Sign-Up for a PayPal Payflow Pro Account

  1. Go to
  2. Select Get Started Today
  3. Select Payflow Pro in the Choose your gateway pop-up window.
  4. To proceed, gather the following:
    • General account information
    • Merchant bank and processor information
    • Credit card and billing information
  5. Select Continue
  6. After creating your account, confirm that you can login to PayPal Manager at to configure and manage your Payflow Pro account.

How to Create an API User

  1. Login to your Payflow Pro account by entering your Payflow Manager login credentials (not your PayPal account credentials).
  2. Select Account Administration in the top navigation menu.
  3. Select Add Users from the Manage Users category.
  4. In the User Information section, enter a contact name and email address.
  5. In the User Login Information section, enter the user name.
    • We recommend using Commercio because it is easy to use and identify.
  6. Enter a new password for the API user that is different than your mechant or admin password.
  7. Re-enter the password in the Confirm User Password field.
    • Note: Be sure to record the exact spelling and use of capitalization and characters for both the User Login Name (API User) and the User Password (API User Password) as you will need them later and they must be accurately entered in order for your Commercio Pop Up Shops to be published and accept payments!

Add API User in Payflow

  1. In the Assign Privilege to User Section, select API_FULL_TRANSACTIONS from the Select Predefined Role drop-down selection.
  2. In the User Status drop-down, select Active.
  3. Enter the security code as shown or heard in the final field.
  4. Select Update.

How to Update Payflow Settings for Compatibility

  1. In the top navigation menu, select Service Settings, then select Setup.
  2. In the Choose your Settings section, ensure that the transaction Process Mode is set to Live.
  3. In the Silent Post for Data Transfer section, select Yes in the Use Silent Post dropdown.
  4. In the Security Options section near the bottom of the page, toggle the Enable Secure Token selection to Yes.
  5. Select Save Changes.
  6. Return to the Account Administration in the top navigation menu.
  7. in the Manage Security section, select Transaction Settings.
  8. In the Allow Reference Transactions, select the Yes.
  9. Select Confirm.

Payflow Service Settings.jpg

How to Update CompanyStore with Payflow API User Credentials

  1. Login to Commercio Company Stores.
  2. Click Jump In! next to the store where you will accept credit cards.
  3. In the side navigation menu, click Payment Methods and Credit Card.
  4. In Basic Settings move slider to Accept.
  5. Select the accepted credit cards by checking the box in the top right corner,
  6. Select Authorize and Capture from the Processing Method drop down.
  7. In the online credit card gateway section, enter the PayPal Manager Merchant Login in the PayFlow Pro Vendor ID field
  8. Enter the User Login Name of the API user that was created in the PayFlow Pro Username field
    • We recommended Commercio in "How to Create an API User"
  9. Enter the API User Password in the PayFlow Pro Password field.
    • Note: this should be different than your Payflow merchant login password.
  10. Select Save

CompanyStores API user.png

Each time you publish a new pop up shop for the first time, our system runs a test to confirm that your Payflow account is set up correctly for processing payments. If the preferences on your Payflow account are not set up correctly or if there is an issuewith your Payflow Pro Login or API User credentials, you may encounter an error message.

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