Syncore Integration FAQs
  • 02 Mar 2023
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Syncore Integration FAQs

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How can I enable taxes for states and provinced in Commercio?

Go to Store View > Settings > Tax Settings.

Why is the company name the same as the contact's name?

This is because the company name was provided upon checkout. When an order is created on the checkout page the company name is not a required field. Syncore requires a company name, so if that is not provided, Syncore will create the contact with the company name of "first name + last name". So it appears to be doubled up in the client file.

Where can I find the Integration Form?

Click this link to access the form: Commercio-Syncore Store Integration Form

How does the Syncore/Commercio integration work?

See Syncore Integration Workflow.

Where can I find the log?

Syncore Integration Details are provided at the bottom of the Order Details page for every order. The log identifies errors that occurred.

On the Order Fulfillment screen, click the Edit icon to view order details.

Where do I find my API key?

Your API key can be found in Syncore.
Click here to access the Syncore Knowledgebase, and go to Syncore > Syncore Settings > API.

How do I get my Store ID?

Submit the Sample Integration Form to get your Store ID.

After you submit the form, the support team will setup your store and generate a Store ID. You will receive a notification when the Store ID is ready.

Where can I view order updates?

On the Order Fulfillment screen, click the Edit icon to view order details.

How do I start syncing orders?

After completing the setup process, and you are ready to start syncing orders, return to Syncore Settings in Commercio at the Organization level to enter your Starting Order Number and Enable the integration.

How frequently are orders being synced?

Real-time – confirmed exactly from Guillermo

What’s the trigger to sync the order?

“Ordered” status and integration enabled and order number must be higher than starting number defined in settings

How are orders synced?

Each individual order that is placed on the store will create a Job in Syncore. At present there is no ability to batch orders.

What client are the orders assigned to in Syncore?

Each buyer will be setup as a client in Syncore under the store (program). When subsequent orders are placed for this client, the client file will be updated with the latest information provided in the order.

What does the order look like in Syncore?

The Job will be created in Syncore with the description of the store name and order number. A Sales Order is created containing the details of the products ordered by the client nested line items with appropriate details of color/size and additional variants ad defined in the product configuration.

How are inventory products handled?

For products that are flagged as inventory, a hidden line item will be added to the product on the Sales Order to indicate to the user this product is a stocked item.

What status is the Job in Syncore?

Upon successful creation of the order in Syncore including posting credit card payments (if applicable), the Job status will be set to “Submitted”. It is ready for your CSR to process the order and will appear in the V1 Job Tracker queue.

How do my CSRs manage the Job in Syncore?

Your CSRs will need to manage these orders in Syncore V1. The orders will appear in their Job Tracker Queue and a tip would be to have them filter for “Program” orders under the Job Classification so they don’t see the Drop Ship order in their queue in V1 (as they are managing these ones in V2).

When does my order change to “Fulfilled” status?

When your CSR has ensured the products have shipped to your client they will change the Job status in Syncore to “Delivered”. Once this is done, the status of the order in Commercio will change to “Fulfilled”. This check is done daily at 8am EST (confirm this).

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