Getting Started with Stripe
  • 21 Sep 2022
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Getting Started with Stripe

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• If you already have a store that is live with payment gateway information credentials, changing the credentials will not impact those stores. They will continue to operate using the information that was provided to the system when the store went live.
• If you clone a store, it will not carry the original payment gateway credentials, it will apply the new credentials.
• You will notice an additional column on the Manage Stores table that indicates which payment gateway is in use for each store. Click on the payment gateway in the column to see the credentials.

Setting up a Stripe Account

If you do not already have a Stripe account, go to to set up an account.
After logging in, select Activate Payments.
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Once activated the user will need to switch out of test mode credentials to live and use those in Pop-Up or Company Stores to take real payments.
Follow the on-screen prompts (steps 1 – 5) to complete your setup.
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#### Setting up Pop-Up Stores with Stripe as a Payment Gateway

  1. Login to your Stripe dashboard and copy Publishable key and Secret key.
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  2. Login to your Commercio Pop-Up Stores administrator portal, navigate to Account > Settings.
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  3. Scroll down to Global Merchant Account Settings.
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  4. Select Stripe as Payment Gateway, enter your Publishable key and Secret key.
  5. Select cards that you would like to accept on your store.
  6. Select Test Connection & Save. Credentials are tested when they are saved, unlike with Payflow Pro, which tests when you publish the store.

If your connection test fails, check your credentials, and try again.

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