• 20 Sep 2022
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Select the type of import you would like to complete and follow the on-screen prompts.
Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Specific notes for each import type are detailed below.

Address Book Import

When importing records into Address Book or updating an existing address book record please note the following,
• Import Mode must always be 0
• Combination of User Identifier (Email address) and AddressBookTypeID is used to look up an existing record for update. If record is not found a new record will be added.
• Rows with AddressBookTypeID = 1 will be imported as shipping address
• Rows with AddressBookTypeID = 2 will be imported as billing address

Inventory Import

Inventory import looks up products based on their SKU. It then inputs SKU as Stock ID Number and replaces existing quantity with the new value from the imported excel.

It is important to note the following
• If the same SKU is repeated across multiple products variants or even multiple unrelated products, they will all be updated with the imported in-stock quantity.
• If while import is in progress (could take up to several hours), please keep track of transactions/orders that would impact the quantity of inventoried products. Once import is completed, please update/adjust quantity of these products manually.

Gift Certificate Import

  • Import Mode must always be 0
  • GCCode and GCTypeID must be provided
    • GCTypeID values:
      • 2 = Gift Certificate
      • 4 = Coupon/Promo Code
      • 6 = Free Shipping

Order Status Import (currently unavailable)

User Import

  • Import Mode must always be 0
  • Email is mandatory
  • First and Last name are mandatory
  • Address information is optional

Points Import

  • Import Mode must always be 0
  • Program name is mandatory
  • At least one of {UserID, UserAlternateID, UserEmail} must be populated

Multi Category Import

  • Import Mode must always be 0
  • Either Product Id or External Product Id is mandatory
  • Either Category Id or External Category Code is mandatory

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