Trouble Shooting Syncore Integration
  • 06 Mar 2023
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Trouble Shooting Syncore Integration

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Why are my tax calculations different in Syncore thatn they are in Commercio?

Commercio and Syncore calculate taxes differently. Make sure taxes on shipping and handling are enable for all states and provinces in Commercio to prevent this conflict. Go to Store View > Settings > Tax Settings to enable.

Why did my first order fail to sync? (error message "Contact Creation failed - Forbidden on mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm)

If your first order failed to sync, check to make sure you have WRITE enabled on the API settings in Syncore.

Why are my orders not syncing?

If it is your first order, make sure you have WRITE enabled on the API setting in Syncore. Otherwise, there could many reasons:

  • Integration is not enabled
  • The order number for this order is before the starting order number in the Syncore settings
  • Incorrect store ID is setup in Syncore settings – reach out to our Syncore concierge team to confirm this number for your store
  • The order is not in “ordered” status – perhaps payment has failed or requires manager approval

Why is the vendor showing up as a hidden line item in Syncore?

If you are seeing the vendor name appear as a hidden line item on the Sales Order for the product, it’s due the integration not being able to find the vendor in Syncore. You need to ensure the spelling of the vendor name in Commercio is spelled out exactly as it’s defined in Syncore. When this matches, you will see the vendor name will appear in the proper location.

Why are my credit card payments are failing to sync?

Review the Syncore integration details and if you see this message “Payment Creation failed – The CreditCardType not found in Syncore” it means you need to update the credit card type defined in Syncore. Please reach out to Syncore Concierge team to have this updated. These are the definitions that must be set:

  • Visa
  • MC
  • Amex
  • Discover

Why are all my payments not syncing?

The only payment types being synced are Credit Card Payments. Payments done via Purchase Order, Gift Cards, Points are not being recorded as payments on the Sales Order in Syncore. The method of payment is always reflected on the Sales Order under “Instructions for Customer Service Reps”.

Why am a seeing “…” at the end of text in Syncore?

If you are seeing “…” at the end of any text in Syncore this is due to the length of the text being too long for Syncore. Rather than failing to sync the order, we have shortened the text by 3 characters and replaced with the “…” so you are aware there is some missing text. Review the order in Commercio to obtain the details.

Here are some places where you may see this:

  • Product name (limit is 50 characters) – you may want to shorten your product name in Commercio
  • Product options label (50 characters)
  • User input on product options (50 characters)
  • Product SKU (40 characters)
  • Contact first name and last name (45 characters each)
  • Address (50 characters)

I have color and size enabled on the product but’s not syncing correctly?

When you created your products you should ensure you are using the Color Swatches and Size options to define color and sizes. Do not use Drop Down or Radio Button and label it color or size – these will appear as comment line items on the Sales Order in Syncore and not as true color and size line items.

My orders are not being created with the proper information?

Upon initial setup of the integration, you completed a form to indicate default settings for this store. This information is used for creating the client and job in Syncore. If this information needs to be updated, please reach out to Syncore Concierge team to update the store settings. These are some of the items:

  • Primary, Secondary Rep and Split
  • Commission Code
  • CSR
  • Payment terms, delinquency and credit limits
  • Job type
  • Estimated delivery days

What are my taxes not matching?

It’s possible you may see some slight differences in tax calculations as Commercio uses Tax Jar and Syncore uses Avalara for it’s tax services.

  • If you are noticing totals are off by $0.01 it’s due to rounding. Reach out to Syncore Concierge team and there is a settings in AvaTax that can be changed to handle this.
  • If you have setup custom tax rules in your AvaTax account these will only be applied to the Syncore orders and not available in Commercio
  • Given your orders are being put into Syncore and where your revenue is being recorded you should use the tax amount as generated by AvaTax. This may mean you need to post an adjustment on the Sales Order payments to flush out the difference for sales tax.
  • If you are seeing large differences please reach out to our support team so we can investigate.

Why can’t I edit my orders in Syncore V2?

At present the Store/Program orders are managed in V1. You are able to view store clients and jobs in V2 but at present they are not editable as the store functionality has not yet migrated to V2.

My orders are staying in Pending status in Sycnore?

You are likely seing your job still in “Pending” status in Syncore (instead of standard “Submitted”) due to failing to record payment. Please review xxx for help in troubleshooting this one

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